Boglins were one of my favorite toys back in the 80’s. I had at least four of them and I loved hiding them in my sisters’ rooms, where their glow in the dark eyes would always freak them out. They also helped cement my love of weird puppets. While most people today don’t even know what Boglins were, one man, Tim Clarke, is relaunching the brand and he’s celebrating it with a custom art show at the Clutter Gallery.

Along with Clarke, Attaboy, Dok A, Greg Mishka, Grizlli Atom, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Josh Kimberg, Maureen Trotto, Mike Strick, Scarecrowoven, Squink, Triclops, UME Toys, Rob Miller, and The Boglin Man all participated with customs of their own.

Check out the images below, but make sure to head over to Clutter if you find yourself in NYC between now and December 2nd.

SOurce: Clutter