I don’t post every Star Wars Storm Trooper to come out of Hot Toys anymore, mainly because they all start to blend together after a while. However, now that they’ve just released a Storm Trooper that looks like it belongs in a fancy British Tea Service, I couldn’t resist.

As the symbol of the Empire’s sweeping military might, the Stormtroopers have a presence in all but every corner of the galaxy. As a special edition release, Hot Toys re-imagines the iconic white battle armor in an original design variation representing different cultures and civilizations.

This very special Star Wars collectible: a 1/6th scale Stormtrooper figure’s pattern is inspired by the highly regarded blue-and-white porcelain motif that originated centuries ago in China!

Expertly crafted based on the classic Stormtrooper armor, this figure boldly adopts the unique blue-and-white porcelain floral patterns with an Imperial twist on the masked soldier’s helmet and armor, blasters, interchangeable hands, and a specially designed figure stand!

Available as a limited edition item in selected markets only, this stylish and extraordinary interpretation of the Stormtrooper figure is a unique collectible for sophisticated fans and collectors.

Hot Toys – MMS401 – Star Wars – 1/6th scale Stormtrooper (Porcelain Pattern Version) Collectible Figure Specification
~ Movie Masterpiece Series ~
Special features of the 1/6th scale Stormtrooper (Porcelain Pattern Version) Collectible Figure:
– Authentic and detailed likeness of Stormtrooper in Star Wars
– Body with over 30 points of articulations
– Approximately 30 cm tall
– Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:
– One (1) pair of fists
– One (1) pair of relaxed hands
– One (1) pair of hands for holding weapons
– One (1) gesturing left hand

– One (1) Stormtrooper armor specially designed with unique blue-and-white porcelain Imperial and traditional Chinese floral patterns
– One (1) black under-suit
– One (1) white and blue belt
– One (1) pair of white boots
– One (1) white and blue colored heavy blaster
One (1) white and blue colored blaster rifle
– One (1) specially designed circular figure stand

Release date: Q2 – Q3, 2017
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
**Product details are subject to change without further notice
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