Let me start out by saying that we here at the Wookie hope that Bear Grylls has a speedy recovery and returns to TV soon so that we can mock him for faking survival scenarios and sleeping in hotels.

That said… Homeboy took a nasty spill. The man who you know as the host of Discovery Channel’s “Man vs. Wild,” had to call the game with a score of Man – 0, Wild +1, when he was injured on an expedition that was unrelated to his show.

He was in Antarctica working on a documentary for Ethanol Ventures that was meant to promote Alternative Energy. Instead, they ended up promoting gravity.

depending on the source, the report is everything from minor to life-threatening. The general consensus is that he injured his shoulder and that something was popping out through the skin. They didn’t say if it was his shoulder blade or collar bone.

He was also using the expedition to promote the children’s charity, Global Angels.

“Bear has a strong religious faith and a loving family to help speed his recovery,” Discovery said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Bear as he makes the long trip back to the U.K.”