Everyone loves a good mashup. Sometimes that means taking your favorite Pokemon and turning them into Star Wars characters, and sometimes it means taking your favorite songs and completely flipping their genre. Youtube channel, Post-Modern Jukebox has attracted almost 5 million subscribers by putting a big band spin on popular music, but now Medieval covers are gaining steam.

Our favorite medieval mash-up master is Youtuber Hildegard von Blingin’. She’s created covers for songs like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, Radiohead’s Creep, Foster The People’s Pumped up Kicks, and even Haddaway’s What is Love? What we loved about her is that she doesn’t just adjust the music, she takes the lyrics and makes them era-appropriate. Just check these lyrics from Bad Romance:

I want thine ugly, I want thy disease
Take aught from thee shall I if it can be free
I want thy love Love, love, love, I want thy love
I want thy heartache, the touch of thy hand For weal or woe,
I want each kiss in the sand I want thy love Love, love, love,
I want thy love

Another great performer in the space is Algal the Bard who has created medieval instrumentals for System of a Down’s Toxicity as well as a great medley of medieval meme music. Check it all out below!