Mila Kunis, who does the voice of Meg from Family Guy and stars in the new Max Payne movie is some kind of awesome. Recently, on an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, she not only admits to being a dirty mouth girl who shouts obscenities at live Dodgers/Yankees’ baseball games, but is a “former” World of Warcraft addict.

“It’s such a good game, I love it.”

Former is used lightly here, because for a person who has supposedly quit the game, Mila spoke lively and endearingly about the addictive computer game, her guild made up of her real world and virtual friends (8 year olds as Kimmel jokes), and is pretty up-to-date regarding its new developments.

Unfortunately, according to Mila herself, she sucks at FPS (first person shooters).

Regardless, this is the kind of news that ought to be making worldwide headlines. And Mila should be legally cloned. I will start the petition, who’s with me?

One thought on “Mila Kunis, a WoW Geek? Pigs Are Starting to Fly…”

  1. Lets not forget her work on Robot Chicken!

    I have liked her since the first few seasons of That 70’s Show, which I was a big fan of at the time.


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