Last week’s episode of Glee ROCKED!! Brittany S. Pierce as Her Royal Pop Starlet BRITNEY SPEARS?! Genius!!!

This week’s episode of church…I mean, Glee….wasn’t as gleeful as I’m used to. It was actually pretty depressing except for the very end. The emotional 180 of the show seriously gave me whiplash.

Before all you Bible thumpers get all worked up into a frenzy, I’m not against exploring the concept of religion on the show. As it is, we already saw Puck and Rachel’s brief fling because of their shared religious ties. Puck has a running streak of performing songs from Jewish artists. Mercedes is active in church. It’s all good. I kind of wished there was a Buddhist represented to round things out.

I’m used to Glee cracking me up. I’m used to Brittany cracking ridiculous one line-rs in her deadpan voice and completely flat affect. I know Heather Morris was originally hired to teach choreography for the “Single Ladies” dance but I am so happy she’s now a regular on the show. She’s so funny!! She totally ROCKED the Britney Spears episode. Sssh…don’t tell anyone but I think she dances better than Britney even when she was at the top of her career.

I’m not sure why I loved this episode way more than the Madonna one or the Lady Gaga one. I think it’s because Britney’s songs are more in line with what I think high school is like. Maybe that’s because I had just graduated high school when Britney offered herself up as jail bait in “Baby One More Time”. I enjoyed the Madonna episode (Sue doing the “Vogue” video is classic) but I think those episodes kind of forced the artist’s songs on the plot whereas the music in the Britney episode worked WITH the story.

The only thing I would’ve changed?

MORE EMPHASIS ON BRITTANY!!! Why, oh why, did they have to focus on anyone else?

Yes, I know she’s not as big of a character as Finn or Rachel but come on. This, of all episodes, could’ve given us a better sense of who Brittany is and why she thinks her cat is reading her diary. I, for one, would love to hear what exactly screams “gay shark” when she sees a dolphin. I would also love to see what kind of parents would spawn such a delightfully dim light bulb.

So I went from “HAA HAA HAA!!!! Dude….I need to start working out again because I want a bod like Brittany” to “Omg….I’m so emo now.”

Tina says, “Last week we were too sexy; this week we’re too religious. We can’t win!” So true! Last week’s episodes was champagne and strawberries. This week was….whatever’s the opposite of champagne and strawberries. I was so sad! I cried more than once because I just felt so bad for Kurt. I lost my grandpa and grandmother last year so seeing this hit home a little harder than I had thought.

While it made me cry, I was really happy to see the development of Kurt’s relationship with his dad and the blending of his family with Finn’s. It also reminded me of how important it is to set time aside for your loved ones and why it should be considered sacred time.

That’s what I loved about the episode. Here’s what else I liked about it :

– Seeing how all the Glee kids rallied around their friend

– Mercedes taking him to church and his awesome Sunday’s best outfit


– Getting to know Sue Sylvester better by watching how much she loves her sister. It makes her seem human.

What I did NOT like are as follows :

– Did no one else think Rachel singing that “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” song really creepy and weird?

– For an episode exploring faith and spirituality, why wasn’t George Michael’s “Faith” one of the songs?!

– Finn ate Grilled Cheesus!! First of all, how old was that sandwich? Secondly, ….dude….HE ATE GRILLED CHEESUS!!! I’m not sure how I feel about that.

In the end, I felt emotionally drained. Definitely not the usual happy-go-lucky fare of Glee but sometimes change is nice. I just hope they don’t let Rachel (or anyone else, for that matter) sing any more creepy and borderline inappropriate-because-the-context-of-her-singing-the-song-is-just-so-bizarre songs.

Oh yeah. I also saw how Finn made grilled Cheesus. I have a GF grill and I’m not afraid to use it. Cheesus or not, grilled yumminess, here I come! Bonus fulfilling of wishes is always a plus.

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4 thoughts on “‘Glee’ Gave Me Whiplash – From Brittany S. Pierce To Grilled Cheesus”

  1. I think I’m done with Glee. They’ve made all the characters so self involved that it is impossible to root for any of them anymore. Also, they used to sing all together, now it looks like they all ran whining to the agent that they wanted more spotlight time and it takes away from the show.

    1. I still have hope for Glee. I liked Season One a lot better because it wasn’t all Rachel/Finn all the time. You had crazy side stories (Emma/Mr. Schu/crazy Mrs. Schuster) and more character development.

      But Season 2 just started so my inner Gleek is pounding the rest of me into submission. Here’s to hoping it’s more of a group effort!

      And wtf happened to Charice??!!

      1. She went to the other school at the end. A better question is wtf happened to Mike (the black kid), apparently he got fired after season 1 because of his poor acting abilities.

        1. She went to the other school? I thought she was just going to sing for them but continue on at McKinely. Oops.

          Who’s Mike? I barely remember who you’re talking about.

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