One of my favorite things to do on a holiday weekend is to get cozy in my bat cave, snuggle up with my favorite cup of blood, and have an awesome read. >:D Whether it be a fantasy manga with huge swords with tons of demons, vampire novels that contain evil werewolves and circus freaks , or comic books with awesome art with thrilling plots. But I do have favorites, which only get better with zombies added! There’s always something in the back of my mind about zombies. We all know for sure they like brains, but what else do they like? I often times find myself wondering after watching anime, movies, and games that contain zombies, “Do they really walk that slow, I mean, all of them?” How would I defend myself the best way? Or are there different kinds of zombies to watch out for? On this journey I found one book that actually answered my questions thoroughly and made me rethink what to do in a zombie apocalypse completely!

Author Roger Ma delivers an in depth analysis of zombie motives, hardcore knowledge about zombies that aren’t your cookie cutter generic undead ideology in his book, “The Zombie Combat Manual, A Guide to Fighting the Living Dead”. I read this book wary of previous books that made zombies apocalypse’s look like funny subjects. We all know from various media that they make groaning sounds, have a decaying appearance, and that distinguishable wobbling walk they have, but what else makes them unique? For instance this book covers things I’ve never thought about like what their strongest points are, sensory perception, intellect, coordination, tertiary targets, I mean what!? This book is too awesome, I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you guys, but that’s really not all I was surprised with. The weapons they had covered in this book were unheard of in my time of being fascinated about zombies.

This book discussed what weapons would be best to massacre retarded zombies trying to turn you into one of them. Even how to use the weapon you choose properly. We’ve all sat there with ourselves or alone yelling at the screen while playing Resident Evil, equipping ourselves with the best weapons to kick ass, thinking just because we’ve mastered the game we thought we knew all we needed to know about zombies. I often times watch Highschool of the Dead, and think, “What if Chris Redfield was in this episode?” He’d totally smack the little Takashi right upside the head for acting so retarded. But not so, now that I know that even Takashi can take out as many as Chris if he knew what I knew now. What I learned from reading this book is that you don’t have to be the strongest person, fastest person, you can even be a person carrying a baby! You too can kick zombie carcass! It shows you how to mutilate, step by step, a creepy zombie at its finest. Its nothing short of a zombie killing bible, I salute this man for coming out with this book. Just in time for anyone worried about what to equip for an undead apocalypse, here’s your guide! Remember, its not like I didn’t warn you either, you might save your brain someday instead of turning into a mindless cadaver.