Bioshock was one of my favorite games of 2007. There wasn’t as much merch that came out for the first game, but when Bioshock 2 came out that wasn’t a problem. One of my favorites is the Syringe EVE HYPO replica by NECA (I especially love to keep playing with it on my desk).

The paint job and decals on it are well done and looked aged enough but not cheesy, so it appears pretty authentic. When you click the button down on the end, it turns on an led blue light inside. It can look like it’s full of EVE or empty, depending on how you want it to look. I was surprised that it’s a near exact duplicate from the game(with the exception of the two screws on the back to keep it together) and it’s sure to make any Bioshock2 fanboy/fangirl stoked when holding it in their hands.

I was so stoked about this toy, that I showed it to my accomplice Long Vo and he thought it would be fun to do a commercial using it as a prop. So, we shot this in an evening and here it is. Disclaimer: This is purely a fan work. We just want to show our love for the BioShock franchise with this vid!