Halloween on WOW was awesomely fun! I am officially titled “the Hallowed” and on my way to completing all the holiday achievements. I like how Blizzard added in the achievements. I remember in previous holiday events, no one would participate. So God forbid you need someone’s help with something, like a “broken heart”, or killing an elite event boss, FORGET IT. But now everyone plays along and it’s really fun. I’ve made sure to have everything set up and ready to go for when Christmas comes. Or should I say, “The Feast of Winter Veil”. I have my cookies for Santa, and plenty of snowballs : )

Now that Wrath of the Lich King has come out, I’m focusing more on leveling then on achievements (Although I made sure to kill the 15 turkeys in 3 minutes or less). And as I’m getting my character ready to go out in to the new area of the game I noticed something. How I play my character and how I play the game is really how I am in real life. For instance, I noticed that my bags are always full, and my bank is ALWAYS full. I have 8 other characters that I use as bank characters, and they are all full.

I’m a hoarder! But not only that, I’m a lazy hoarder.

I don’t organize things really well, and I’m not as dedicated to putting things up on the auction house as I should be, therefore I just have a bog mess.

It’s the same thing with my house. I have stuff I’ve had since I was 5, and I just can’t let it go. I keep old coffee cans because I might need a random container. I keep stacks of receipts, old mail, advertisements and cards because I never know when I might need them again.

It’s kind of depressing.

There are so many things that that my “toon” and I have in common; I like it when my outfit matches and is super cute, (I hate wearing armor that’s ugly even if it is better), I love pets and cutesy things, I love holidays, I’m not very social so I don’t group with people much or talk on vent, I’m very indecisive which is why I like being a healer and not a tank (I’m kind of more in the background), I get bored really easily which is why I can’t spend a lot of time farming for crap, I’m a sucker for helping someone who needs it and I love gold (tee hee).

I think that what character you play and what kind of things you spend your time on in the game say a lot about you. It’s just funny that I noticed it because of all the crap in my bags : )