Hey everyone! My name is Linda Le, also known as Vampy, and I will be conducting a very special spot on YBMW weekly from now on. Before I start I should tell you a little about myself. I am not going to label myself anything other than a obsessed fan of all things anime, games, making stuff, and of course toys. I started out with a deep passion for the art world at a very young age and was very fortunate to live through the 80s and come across all the awesomeness that it provided me. Many of which were wrestling, toys, cartoons and Nintendo were my life.

Music is deep rooted in everything that I do, contrary to most cosplay ideals, I do love to listen to metal music while making most of my cosplay outfits. It gets me hyped and makes me happy. The majority of the cosplay that I do consists of course first and foremost of being a fan girl as you may call it, or just being a girl that likes to play what I call, “magic” sometimes. Every character I choose, I really have a deep soft spot for (cheese coming) and would like to say my personality would relate with the character. There will not be room for cosplay that I do not know about, have not played, nor if I have never watched.

Gaming came in my life and never touched me as much as Earthbound. If you have played it, and if you are a fan, you know as much as I know how much that game changed your lives. Sounding deep much?… But hey it’s the truth.

Once I picked up that grey controller for the SNES and the strategy guide my brother left around the house, I was HOOKED.

Paula was my first cosplay over a decade ago, then came Silent Hill nurse, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil and so on. Although I did cosplay, I didn’t know what the term meant. Going to conventions, people kept telling me, “Nice cosplay.” During Fangoria, I kept saying to myself, “Oh okay… sure… cosplay.” Little did I know I was doing it, which was funny to me.

My cosplay has evolved through the years, and modeling was never one of my fortes until the fateful day my friend said, “Hey wanna play with blood and make scary pictures?” Well, as anyone who knows me can tell you, I’m totally game to get creative. Yes I like vampires, and I do love zombies, so Bam Wam now I’m here; that was a year ago. A year later a little less shy, a little more open show who I am, and ready for a blog on YBMW! Hope you guys enjoy cause Imma have fun with this tiny spot on the
column doin my lil thing here (WOOHOO)!

With that said, I can’t wait to start with my first post! here’s a new cosplay picture I worked on with Long Vo, you may know him as one of the creators of Gaia online, artist of Street Fighter HD remix, and just an all around amazing artist I respect, I like working with him, he’s just awesome.

For this picture we wanted to keep the comic book feel for Jean, (White Phoenix of the Crown to be exact, take that *fake* Magneto!) and went for it with the use of special design elements and tons of FIRE of course. There was no photoshopping done to my face, hair, or body, but the red lighting was fun to play around with and even the sash was held up by wire. Styling was all done by me, and of course Longster on the manipulations. Hope you all enjoy!

We’d like to welcome Linda Le, the newest member of the YBMW family. If she looks familiar, that’s because Linda was one of our first Girl’s of The Month, Now she’ll be spending some time here each week flying her geek flag high.

3 thoughts on “The Weekly Geekly With Linda Le”

  1. Hey Linda that is a brilliant article. Thank you for sharing and giving everyone a peek into your life. Like you I’ve always loved music, and could never understand how some people just arent all that into it. Strange. I too also love anime and cosplay,in fact pretty much obsessed with a lot of Japanese culture, although i havent seen any new anime in a few years, you’ll have to recommend me some. And i love to see cosplay but have never done it myself. I admire your creativity though and your passion for it. You look like you have so much fun doing it. Im also a big gamer too. I find many of my games lately have been survival horror or zombie related, as is most of my film collection, ha.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll certainly be coming back to read again. And it’s a pleasure to meet you. You are a little bit awesome!


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