HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! How’s everyone feeling? Hung over? Still recuperating? Partying can be such a bitch sometimes the day after, huh? ^___^

With the start of a brand spanking, new, virginal year, most people are busy making resolutions they will actively try to keep….for the next month or so before giving up. That got me thinking. What’s going to be mine?

I started to say “Stop smoking” but I am happy to say I haven’t bought a pack since last July and while I can’t say I’ve completely stopped smoking, I can say I’ll have a cigarette I’m out and someone has one. If I’m out and there are no readily available cancer sticks, I won’t smoke. I count this as a victory over a habit that spanned over 12 years.

After a lot of thinking, I realized the resolutions that I have are ones that I cannot break because they are directly related to the most important event of my life so far – getting married with Clyde.

Working Out

I’m vain enough to want to look as awesome and mind blowing as humanly possible on my wedding day. Make up will work wonders but that’s only applicable to my face. Good thing I’m going to have a test session with my makeup artist. See the transformation of MissBonnified from freshly scrubbed to this girl

or Ultimate Ulzzang. Let’s hope for less of the former and more of the latter….I think. We’ll see when she busts out the makeup, brushes and lashes. I can’t wait to see what she can do.

From the neck down, I’m going to have to rely on good old exercise and making good dietary choices. I know this is possible because I slimmed down safely and swiftly when I did a bikini competition. This is when will power comes into play. I know I can do it because if I can resist corn dog bites and jalapeno laden nachos at the movies, I can resist most things.

….but it was soooo hard…..uggghhh….I could smeeeeeeeeell the cheesy, spicy goodness and I wanted it so bad…..

Fatten The Piggy

Weddings are expensive! Holy #@&*^%$, weddings are expensive. This is a good thing because it’s teaching Clyde and I how to budget like maniacs, stick to a plan and make our dreams real. This lesson will be also recycled for when we go hunting for a house.

If other people decide to forgo the saving, they’re gonna be fine. Clyde and I do not have that luxury because we are getting married which means we have vendors to pay for and things to get. Seeing as how this is so important to both of us, there is no backing out of this one.

Saaaaaving it is.

I Have A Plan

Running for the LA Marathon is a godsend. There is nothing like either hamstering it up on a treadmill or pounding the pavement for a good cause with an added side benefit of shedding inches. The only problem? Resisting the desire to scarf down 3/4 of a large, pepperoni and jalapeno pizza and/or a bucket of Bon Chon double fried, spicy chicken. Omfg….I am seriously drooling right now as I type.

How to circumvent this craving for tasty-yet-wedding-dress-sabotage food while still save money? Making a menu.

I told Clyde we’re going to print out calendars and we’re going to plan our meals week-by-week with a Happy Splurge/Surprise day every week. I think this is gonna be fun because it’s like those lunch menus my grade school used to mail home. That’s right. I’m taking it back to the old school.

Is this foul proof? No. But I’m going to try to make it work because I want to blow Clyde’s mind the first time he sees me in that dress.

Bonnie N. Clyde is a writer for YouBentMyWookie.com and the alias of the Supreme Commander / Ultimate Destroyer. When she isn’t overfeeding her tapeworm, Barney, she writes in her blog over at MissBonnified.com.