After just six episodes of AMC’s post apocalyptic horror series “The Walking Dead,” which ended last week, I was sad that it was over. But, like most of everyone else in the world, I’m totally stoked to hear next year they are coming back full force with not 6, but 13 episodes They are going to be shooting around early Spring. They also chose to air it on one of my favorite holidays, Halloween, during AMC’s “Fearfest” which made it even more special to watch :D. Like most shows on television, I really wasn’t too thrilled at first to watch it, but with such an awesome comic that catered to zombies, I couldn’t refuse at least giving it a try. Low and behold, I was stunned at the insane level of plot, acting, detail to zombie special FX makeup and directing that had been put into effect for this comic turned TV series. It felt like watching a movie… that was FREE… on T.V…. Every week! All that racing through my head was, SCORE! :D

Before the show, The Walking Dead was an American comic book series, published by Image Comics since 2003. The comic was created by writer Rober Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. A few years after that, Moore was replaced by Charlie Adlard from issue #7 and so forth. Moore continued to do the covers for The Walking Dead through issue #24. Frank Darabont was the director of the TV series based on and named after the comic respectfully. :) From one comic lover to another, for a show to take a story that you’ve been reading from your fingertips and bring it to life with such an awesome TV show… it’s almost hard to fathom how many people it took by surprise. I cannot explain in words how retardedly stoked I am for television and comics alike!

As one of my first interviews here on YBMW this:

Who would win in a fight between vampires and zombies and why? :
Well that’s a tricky one, but from my knowledge I would say Vampires. Although if you were considering an apocalyptic world where there were no humans whatsoever, just vampires and zombies, I think zombies would win. Vampires, having no blood to gorge from host humans they would wipe out while the zombies keep on searching for brains for many years to come. Although if a vampire bites a zombie, that would be a pretty awesome mix! Zombvamp’s would be nearly hard to kill.

That was nearly a year ago, but now in the light of the show ending, to keep the zombie awesomeness going, I wanna ask you guys the same question! I want to hear your answers, in detail who would win a fight between zombies and vampires?. But this gets better, I teamed up with Marshall from to do a special giveaway for all the ones trying out. We are going to choose one lucky winner on the 22nd for a HUGE zombie killing prize giveaway! You re going to get 4 zombie targets of your choosing (examples in the pictures up) and a shirt in your size and color from, and I’m throwing in my Vampy print as a special gift because I’m super stoked on seeing what you guys think up!

Here is what you need to do. If you have a blog, you must include zombie ammo, in your post, and answering the question as detailed as you can. You can also add in why you love zombies, hate them, what you love about The Walking Dead, if you were fan of the comic before, ANYTHING pertaining to zombies, and we are going to choose the most passionate/unique/fun/creative one on December 22nd. You can also make a Youtube video and send it to us at my email Lindale (AT)

Until then, be ready with your ammo, guns, machetes, bats, because who knows when the zombie apocalypse is gonna implode on us! >:D

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  1. I am the first one to leave a comment? Sheesh! Thanks to your good self and zombie ammo for this comp, it made me get off my ass and write a new blog entry. I hope you get some giggles from it, and you enjoy some of my other entries when you have the time.

    Thanks again, PC of my eye (screw apples)

    Your adoring number something fan


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