Art exhibitions take place all over the world displaying cunning mastery  from an array of artists that make us squirm just to see what they come up with next. Events like those are a handful  and if you go to a lot, you know a gem when you stumble upon one on the net or flyer.  These shows are made to please each side of your eccentric geek needs with beautiful skill and funky portrayal of their knack. For this sole reason, I happened to be lucky enough to work with one of them that combines art and auctioning these pieces for a better cause.

Art and Music Collide as Gibson Guitar and Kramer Guitars Partner with Outta My Mind Creations and MaiHiro to Present ‘Art Assault’ During Art Basel Miami 2010. Each Customized Kramer Assault Guitars is Painted solely with each of the artists unique style ending with Auction Proceeds Benefiting the Gibson Foundation.

This event is taking place in Miami, FL, 11/16/10 – From December 3rd – December 5th, 2010, Gibson and Kramer Guitar, in partnership with their friends at Outta My Mind Creations and MaiHiro, plan to unveil an exhibition set within the heart of Miami’s Design District that fuses pop culture in creatively unpredictable ways at Art Basel  in Miami. This year attendees will be captivated by “Art Assault”, a charity art exhibit featuring one-of-a-kind art guitars that will take place at the stylish Gibson Guitar Showroom located at 180 NE 39th St. Suite #200 in Miami. By merging music with visual art and designer embellishments, this exhibition promises to rock the ears, eyes and minds of everyone present.

The centerpiece of the event features Kramer Assault 211FR guitars as the canvas. The line-up of artists includes art superstars Michael Lau, Nakanari, Pete Fowler, Christian Jacobs (Yo Gabba Gabba), 123klan, Matt Waldman (Nooka),the fabulous Camilla d’Errico, Ashley Wood,  Street Fighter artist Long Vo, Lebo, and Oscar-winning actor/artist Jeff Bridges. There will also be a guitar collaboration I did with Artist Nakanari at the show from  my latest  Pinky Pin up image made especially for the Gibson/ Nakanari collab.

Since the show will take much of its essence from the designer toy subculture, the show creators have also partnered with Kidrobot to create a custom 20” Dunny exhibit. Five amazing artists which include (Jure Gavran, Dave ‘Outtamymind’ Quiles, Tracy Tubera, kaNO, and Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica) will design a particular player of a fictional band, so that when they are brought together, a new “Dunny Superband” will be established on a stage! Kidrobot, along with the show creators and other designer toy sponsors will also showcase innovative toys and sculptures in an effort to share this contemporary subculture with the art-conscious visitors.  This exhibition of vinyl toys will feature pieces and support from Kuso Vinyl, myplasticheart, SHON, Jure Gavran, Fury Animals, 123klan, MaiHiro, and Dragatomi.

This is for sure a treat to share with all of you. This show is not to be missed, and will be showcasing pieces from artists around the world that unite one of the biggest art shows to come about in 2010. I even have a special peek for all you Street Fighter fans, into a glimpse of Long Vo’s piece, this is the only place you can see it before the show. I hope you all can make it! And Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Event times-
Thursday, December 2nd- Press Event/VIP Preview: 2-4 PM
Friday, December 3rd- 10 AM – 6 PM
Saturday, December 4th- 10 AM – 6 PM; Reception Party 7 PM – Midnight
Sunday, December 5th- 10 AM – 2 PM

**One more note. Last week we announced a giveaway for the two best pictures sent to me of your toy collection. The winners will win a copy of the Gardener 10th Book by Michael Lau from MINDstyle Toys. You still have one more week to enter! So, don’t forget to Send the pics and links of your collection HERE. Contest ends December 3rd.