Access Hollywood is reporting that a car chase scene from Nicolas Cage’s Disney Adaptation of Fantasia’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice had a bit of a mishap yesterday when one of the cars jumped a curb and hit some pedestrians and a local eatery.

A Ferrari lost control and swerved onto the sidewalk hitting a bystander and knocking over a lamppost, which then fell on another person. A communications pole, newspaper box, and a Sbarro’s window were also damaged.

“Last night during the sequence, a stunt driver lost control of his car and hydroplaned onto the sidewalk. Members of the NYPD Movie/TV Unit were on site as well as 16 traffic agents. Two pedestrians were injured and taken to the hospital,” a rep for the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting said in a statement released to Access.

“A black Ferrari and a silver Mercedes were chasing each other. The Ferrari took a route down the center of the road, swerving between cars. The Mercedes took the outside lanes.” Watkins told The New York Post. “The Ferrari took a sharp right to the left and lost it, swerving across the lanes, taking out a lamppost and a news stand. One lady was knocked to the ground and a lamppost landed directly on top of a chap.”

Nobody died, but a little piece of me dies every time I’m reminded that this movie is even being made.