To me, this comes as no surprised as even I had thought about shooting a short with my iPhone. But as they say, thinking and doing are not the same. Below we have a first look at Seth Schaeffer’s documentary “156 Turns,” which covers the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb motorcycle race in Colorado Springs. Nothing too unique, aside from the fact that the footage below was shot entirely on Apple’s new iPhone 4.

This is what the filmmaker had to say:

We decided to leave the colors as is to show what the iPhone really looks like right now (until an app comes out that can lock exposure). We really wanted to show people what is possible without really knowing color correction, special effects, etc. I usually do all my toning and everything in After Effects, but edited this all in Premiere to keep that simple documentary film. We’re not trying to make the iPhone 4 look like it’s a RED or a 5D Mark II. It’s a different direction.

It blows my mind how far technology has come and with the video quality. To call Schaeffer a pioneer would be an understatement. There is no doubt that this is the beginning of a new online trend and I’m sure we’ll begin to see more amateur filmmakers start popping up in the foreseeable future.

Source: GeekTyrant