Following Monday’s bombshell announcement that Sony has scrapped “Spider-Man 4” and decided to move on with a reboot, news are starting to trickle over who’s most qualified to take over of the franchise in order to give it the contemporary feel Marvel is seeking. Currently in the lead is Marc Webb, a relatively unknown who made a name for himself in last summer’s quirky and successful romantic comedy drama “(500) Days of Summer.”

According to Deadline Hollywood, Marc Webb has met with the film’s producers and executives about landing the gig in an effort to possibly get production underway for a Summer 2012 release. Don’t let this news fool you however, this is hardly anything concrete as just about every other director has also been considered to takeover for Sam Raimi on the Spider-Man reboot. Yes, that even includes “Avatar’s” James Cameron, David Fincher, and Wes Anderson,

On paper Webb may seem like an unconventional choice (but so was Chris Nolan, who has never directed a superhero flick prior to Batman Begins), but it does make sense and compliment the new script by Jamie Vanderbilt which sees Peter Parker back in high school. Moreover, Sony has hinted at wanting more control over the project. With Webb, he’s certainly a lot cheaper and comes with less bargaining power.

Source: Empire