A few weeks ago, a line item on TMZ mentioned a man, Adam Harris, as having attended an audition for ‘Superman Man of Steel’ with Lindsay Lohan. Rumors quickly started popping up that he had auditioned for the roll Lex Luthor. While he was a no-name actor, he looked the part enough that it spurred on some interest in the story.

In hopes of getting to the bottom of things, we contacted Usonian Entertainment and spoke to someone claiming to be his personal assistant. We were told that while there was no truth to the Lohan portion of the story, Adam Harris had in fact auditioned not once, but twice for the role of Lex Luthor.

Now, at this point, other casting news had started trickling out. It was pretty clear that Luthor would not be the main bad guy. If he was anything, it would be a cameo, or possibly something to set up a second film.

We ran the story and several sites picked it up. Since that time, we spoke to Harris via Twitter to set up an interview. We went back and forth for several days and then he stopped responding.

At the end of last week, several sites began posting that his story was nothing more than a hoax.

We contacted, Nathan Folk, his Manager and Erik Bright, his publisher (as listed on his IMDB Profile). We are still waiting for return calls from them both.

Not willing to give up, I called Usonian Entertainment where I was able to reach Adam Harris directly… where he works… As a personal assistant.

Not only is he a personal assistant, but his distinctive high pitched voice (not very Lex Luthory) was extremely similar to the person I spoke weeks earlier claiming to be his personal assistant. In his defense, I’m guessing that personal assistants have to be their own secretaries… so I guess that wasn’t technically a lie.

I introduced myself to him and referenced out Twitter conversation, which he acknowledged. Then, I asked him flat out about the fact that several sites were reporting that his story – the one that many sites printed after seeing our confirmation – was a hoax, a lie and a complete fabrication.

His tone was defensive and his answers pretty much boiled down to him telling us

“I’m not allowed to talk to discuss it. I’m not even supposed to talk to you.”

That was when I took a direct approach and asked him if he had something he could tell me to prove that he wasn’t a liar when I go to post an update on the story. He told me to:

“Print whatever you want.”

All we wanted to do was post the truth and not a sad attempt by someone’s secretary to launch a career with a lie. (allegedly)

Look. At the end of the day, his lips are sealed for the first time in a while. That most likely means that super powers that be didn’t want him dragging their movie down with his name. People like this generally only don’t talk when they are either caught in a lie or someone with an expensive lawyer catches them.

*** Now for the update.
We just got received a phone call from someone over at Usonian Entertainment and they wanted to let us know that Adam Harris has been terminated.