Empireonline is reporting that the master of Disaster, Roland Emmerich, the man behind this week’s new release “2012” is thinking about revisiting another one of his disaster properties. No, not The Day after Tomorrow, not Godzilla, not even Eight Legged Freaks! No, I’m talking about ID4, Independence day. The story of Will Smith and Bill Pullman on an alien ass kicking spree.

the film is far from being scripted, but according to empire,

Emmerich says the story will pick up soldierboy Will Smith and President Bill Pullman (both of whose involvement would therefore be crucial) some years after the first film. He wants two movies to allow space for “a bigger arc”, and while he wouldn’t divulge specific plot points, he did reveal that visits to the alien homeworld are not on the agenda: “it’s always about the Earth, and the Earth gets invaded”.

Oh the huge manatee. This Will Smith Movie needs a sequel like his movie about Ali needs a sequel.