There’s a good chance that you are already spending your day, binge watching the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix, complete with a Halloween inspired nod to 80’s comedy, Ghostbusters, but how would you feel about the franchise coming the streaming network as a new series? In a new interview with Cinemablend, OG ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd says that he could definitely see the franchise heading over there with some strong prequel potential:

“Yes. Absolutely. Sure. Sure. I can see several possibilities there. You know? Take a cue from these guys in Stranger Things and maybe have the Ghostbusters in high school or something.”

So, what do you think? Would you watch younger versions of the original team fighting ghosts as they navigate their way through the perils and pitfalls of high school life? Or, did the last attempt at a reboot pretty much kill the franchise for you?

Source: CIneblend