Variety has announced that Summit Entertainment has picked their director and producer for the new adaptation of “Highlander.” The new hires are Justin Lin to direct, and Neal H. Moritz to produce.

The team most recently worked together on “Fast and Furious” and they’ve already moved to bring in the writing team from “Iron Man.”

Highlander has already spawned five movies, a TV series and an animated series. It is seriously beginning to look like the “there can be only one” concept is a serious load of bull.

In the reboot: Summit plans to expand on the original “Highlander” premise of immortals hunting each other through the ages. The new pic will center on the immortal Scottish swordsman Connor MacLeod, who must confront a murderous barbarian who lusts for a fabled prize.

One thought on “Director and Producer Picked For “Highlander” Reboot”

  1. “murderous barbarian who lusts for a fabled prize” sounds like the first Highlander movie, and we all know it was Connor’s head he was after. What next, the Holy Grail so they can obtain immortality.. wait, they already have that. So what’s it to be.. ??

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