THR is reporting that there’s a new zombie film on the way… but this one is different… it comes with a badge! Dreamworks is in negotiations to pick up a movie about a zombie policeman. The hope is that the film will have gritty realism as the writer is a cop-turned-screenwriter… his experience as a zombie is still under wraps.

This won’t be the first script for the author. He’s also sold the rights to his novel, “L.A. Rex” about a cop patrolling a gang-ridden section of LA.

“Xombie” is based on a Devil’s Due comic book by James Farr, itself based on his online animated series. Farr’s creation centers on a zombie cop named Dirge who attempts to saves humanity’s remnants, particularly a young girl named Zoe, from evil zombies.

From Farr’s blog:

It’s official. Dreamworks hearts Xombie. Yes, that Dreamworks.