Disney’s most troubled, and possibly least anticipated Star Wars film, Solo: A Star Wars film made a lot of noise during it’s messy production, but hasn’t really made as much as a peep since then. It’s pretty strange, when you consider that the film is set to hit theaters in May and we’ve only really seen one official image from the set.

Fan theories have ranged from it being shelved completely (that would never happen), to being saved for the upcoming Disney streaming network, or possibly even that Disney needs more time to fix it and they will push it back till December. It now looks like all of those theories are wrong, because the first trailer for Solo is set to drop on Monday.

For some, logic would have dictated that the bring the trailer out as a Super Bowl ad, but Disney is going for a smarter, and more frugal approach. The film will drop on the ABC (Disney owned) morning show, Good Morning America, on Monday morning. So, instead of spending $5 million per 30 seconds the night before, they can have as much time as they want, on a show that they own, the very next morning.