According to various new reports, Superman isn’t expected to return to the big silver screen until at least 2013.

Variety and other news sources are reporting that the Superman property has been placed on a development freeze due to legal issues between Warner Bros. and the Siegel estate. Heirs of Jerry Siegel, co-creator of Superman, have regained partial rights to the content of Action Comics #1 (1938), which features the first appearance of Superman. They are fighting for even more rights, much to Warner Bros. and DC Comics’s liking.

Warner Bros. Studios who currently holds the movie rights to Superman, is accepting new pitches for the property, but they are not expected to green light or relaunch the Superman property until at least 2013.

In fact, Anne Thompson from Hollywood Insider is reported that Warner Bros. is continuing to stall the production of a new Superman movie even though Hollywood hot shot JJ Abrams (Star Trek) has been vocal with his desire to reboot the franchise much like what he had done with “Star Trek.”

Source: Examiner