AICN is reporting that Duncan Jones (Source Code) is meeting with Fox about possibly taking over for the now departed Darren Aronofsky on “The Wolverine.” The project has been stalled due to the natural disaster in Japan and the departure of Aronofsky, but is still actively trying to move forward. It seems as if Fox believe Jones may be the missing piece to the puzzle. Here is what Harry from AICN had to say:

Hey folks, Harry here… Just got a message from one of my followers on Twitter – about a SOURCE CODE Q&A in London that Duncan Jones did, where he stated that he has a meeting with Fox coming up regarding the possibility of him taking over WOLVERINE in lieu of Aronofsky’s departure. That said, apparently the MOON & SOURCE CODE director feels like he would rather do his own original sci fi script next, but is taking the meeting more or less to explore options and be polite.

It seems as if Jones’ heart is not fully committed to “The Wolverine,” but maybe when Fox starts promising to dump truck loads of cash to his home every morning he’d change his tune. Is Jones someone that I’d want to direct the next Wolverine sequel? Not really. But if he does get the gig you also wouldn’t be hearing me complain. What are your thoughts on who should direct “The Wolverine?” Let us know.

Source: AICN