EW.com just released the first pic of Brad Pitt on the set of the new Quentin Tarantino movie, Inglorious Basterds. Pitt has the starring role in this remake of the Dirty Dozen stlye,WWII adventure as Lt. Aldo Raine, known to the Germans as Aldo the Apache for his practice of scalping his victims.

Film Synopsis:
When a Jewish girl’s family is exterminated by the Nazis, she flees to Paris and meets a kindly woman who takes her in. Working for this woman at her movie theatre, the girl finds herself in a unique situation when an infatuated German war hero persuades his superiors to screen their latest propaganda film at her theatre. Will she seek revenge?

Meanwhile, aware of the plans for the movie premiere, a group of Jewish-American soldiers, working deep behind enemy lines enact their own plans to throw a wrench in the German war machine.