Late last year, we announced that Youtube Red was planning a Karate Kid revival series starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka as adult versions of their original characters, johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso. Just a few minutes ago, the first trailer for the new series dopped, and it’s got a much more serious tone than I was expecting.

According to EW, the new series will give us a chance to see things from Johnny’s perspective. We’ll be picking up thirty years after the events of the original film when a student and victim of bullying seeks out help from him. If I had to guess, given that Zabka’s character has a son and Macchio’s character has a daughter, we’ll also be looking at some sort of forbidden relationship that tears everyone apart before bringing them together for the sake of their children’s happiness.

Karate Kid’s Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso aren’t the same people they were in high school— but their rivalry hasn’t changed one bit. The Karate Kid saga continues.