I’m not sure what the hell I just watched, but it was pretty entertaining and enough for me to want to see more.

Pawn Shop Chronicles is a film that features three different stories in it and a cast that includes: Paul Walker, Norman Reedus, Matt Dillon, Elijah Wood, Vincent D’Onofrio, Thomas Jane, Lukas Haas, Brendan Fraser and DJ Qualls. The film is billing itself as an action comedy… and that seems about right, but I’m still trying to figure out what happened in that trailer.

Pawn Shop Chronicles opens in limited theaters and on demand staring July 12th.

Official Synopsis:
The film revolves around a small town pawn shop that attracts big-time mayhem when a missing wedding ring leads to a wild goose chase. Watch the trailer to get a sneak peek of the action, which includes zombie ladies dressed in the American flag, an Elvis impersonator and a creepy clown robber whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

Source: Collider