The international trailer is out for Ghostbusters and it is, so far, receiving less hate than the original trailer that came out the other day. On the upside, we get more Chris Hemsworth and some more story. On the down side, we get more jokes that don’t quite land.

There’s been a lot of hate for this movie so far and it’s been interesting to see the angles it’s coming from. Some people hate that it’s women. I don’t, but I don’t think Hollywood needs to get in the habit of remaking everything with all female casts out of a purely “anything you can do I can do better” attitude. If it makes sense and creates a better story, go for it. So far, this just feels like jokes that aren’t landing and Leslie Jones being given really one dimensional lines for her character. For me, that’s just lazy writing. In the trailers, it pretty much just looks like Leslie Jones is playing herself from any Saturday Night Live sketch. It’s an OK schtick, but it only works on SNL because the sketch ends after a couple minutes. This will be two hours long.

On a side note… why did these amazingly smart scientists need their male secretary to suggest that they make proton weapons?