First showing had an interesting update about Guillermo Del Toro’s new series of Vampire novels. The goal was to write a series of books that chronicle the origins of vampires, beginning with a focus on a modern-day vampiric virus that infects New York City. He started the project back in September and according to the report he’s already done! What makes this so amazing is how busy the man already is.. he’s got Hobbit and a dozen other projects on his plate, but he still found time to write a series of novels. I want a heavy dose of whatever meds he’s taking.

From The Article
“The novels – it’s been written already. Chuck Hogan and I have been collaborating for over a year. I wrote the outline for that novel almost two years ago. These things seem to happen simultaneously, but the reality is they are announced simultaneously.” Del Toro talked a little about the nature of the story: “I wanted to find a place to create a vampiric epic that takes you all the way to the modern day, to find out when the vampires started – going beyond Mesopotamian myth, going beyond all of that. Not the attractive, Brad Pitt-esque, decadent lovers that have sex. I wanted to make them like an alternate species and an alternate spiritual creature to man, and the idea is that the series will flesh out that re-invented vampiric myth – respectful of the lore, but taking you through the ages.”

The first book in the series, called “The Strain”, is already available for pre-order on Amazon, even though it’s not due out until next summer. “

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