Is there anyone looking forward to this movie? Video game adaptations are usually pretty bad, but the Street Figther: The Legend of Chun Li is looking like it might be one of the worst. Here are some screens and your first glimpse of Kristin Kreuk as… someone that looks absolutely nothing like Chun Li.

Aside from the obvious thigh issue, or lack thereof, Chun Li apparently enjoys getting into fights at strip clubs, hence the stripper pole she is spinning around and using her chicken legs to kick butt with.

This isn’t a knock on Kristin Kreuk of course, don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous and probably “smells how angels ought to smell.” All I’m saying is, Kreuk is no Chun Li. A legend who’s spikey bracelets are incredibly hard to fill.






Directed by Andrezj Bartowiak, SF: The Legned of Chun Li will open February 27, 2009 and is expected to be based loosely off the Street Figther mytho. It will star Kristin Kreuk (Chun Li), Michael Clarke Duncan (Balrog), Neal McDonough (M. Bison), Taboo (Vega), Chris Klein (Nash), Moon Bloodgood (Maya), Robin Shou (Gen), Cheng Pei Pei (Zhilan) and Edmund Chen (Huang).