Movie hole is reporting that there’s only one stumbling block left in the quest to get an Arrested Development movie made, Michael Cera. Here’s what they had to say.

Fancast had a chance to talk to Mitch Hurwitz, the creator and executive producer of the show, and asked whether there was any truth to the rumours that Michael Cera and Will Arnett weren’t too keen on doing the “Arrested Development” movie.

”I don’t want to talk about who is holding out right now because we might still work that out and I don’t want to pressure anyone through the press. Although I will say that Will Arnett is gung-ho, so there’s a big clue!”, Hurwitz says.

The good news is that the new movie is slated to be a prequel. If that is the case, they can dump cera and cast a little kid to play the role. Problem Solved!

One thought on “Is Michael Cera Too Cool For Arrested Development Movie?”

  1. What a douche! Arrested Development was the greatest show nobody watched and I’m psyched for the movie. I heard they were going to do the movie even without him. It would be better to have him in it, though.

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