There have been rumblings of a sequel to the Eddie Murphy classic, ‘Coming To America’ for years now, but sadly, those rumblings now have a writer and director attached to them. In the writer’s seat is Black-ish creator, Kenya Barris, and directing is Jonathan Levine. For his part, Levine is a bit of a wild card. One of his films (Warm Bodies) was actually a fun and clever film, while this past summer’s Snatched, starring Amy Schumer is regarded almost as highly as her last Netflix special. We also know that Eddie Murphy is set to reprise his role, but there’s no word about any of the rest of the original cast.

Coming to America hit theaters in 1988, and this movie is set to be a direct sequel. As uninspired as Hollywood has been lately, you can probably already guess the plot. I’m going to give you my theory here:

Eddie Murphy’s Prince (or now possibly King if they can’t get James Earle Jones to reprise his role) Akeem and his wife, Lisa (Shari Headley), have been happily married for the last thirty years. In that time, they have had a daughter together (because the gender swap trope is far too big in Hollywood that they wouldn’t use it here) that they need to marry off. Whether on their suggestion, or against their wishes but inspired by their story, the princess heads off to America where she can find her prince. Hi-jinx ensue.

Would you be surprised if it ended up being something more interesting than this?

Source: THR