It is a good thing that TVs are getting wider, because this fall there will more than enough fat to fill it. THR had an interesting report about how fat is back when it comes to hit TV. Sure, there has always been at least one “large” hit on TV for as far back as you can remember. Look back as far as the Honeymooners or as recently as Roseanne or King of Queens. You could even probably include the Sopranos in there to some degree, but this season TV’s BMI is off the charts.

The biggest hit of the batch (no pun intended) is probably the new comedy from Chuck Lorry, creator of Big Bang Theory and Two and half men. The show, called “Mike and Molly” is the story of Melissa McCarthy (Sookie from Gilmore Girls) and Billy Gardell who play new lovers who met at an Overeater’s Anonymous meeting.

Beyond that, there’s a whole slew of shows about people who are fat but longing to be skinny, including:
“The Biggest Loser”
“Celebrity Fit Club”
“Too Fat for Fifteen: Fighting Back”
“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”