“Three Way” wasn’t the only really funny sketch that was on the season finale of Saturday Night Live.

In the tradition of his plasticville and homelessville sketches, Timberlake appeared in a beer bottle costume to musically represent the store Liqourville.

The sketch is filled with plenty of funny songs, tea bagging references. It definitely made for one of the funniest sketches of the year for SNL.

A big difference compared to past versions of the sketch was that this time, Timberlake had company in his trouncing of the tea bag lady. Lady Gaga appeared in as wine, with grapes all over her body and giant wine glasses for hands. Don’t be surprised if she keeps the costume and uses it on her next tour!

One Hawkeye Viewer seems to think that Lady Gaga’s grapes didn’t do their job. He seems to think that he caught a wardrobe malfunction… or nipslip if you will, on his camera phone. We are split 50/50 at Wookie headquarters on if we agree with him. It does raise a bigger question though… what was this guy doing paying that much attention to Lady Gaga’s boobs during the sketch?