That’s weird, it seems kinda early for an April fool’s joke. If only that was the case, Latino Review is reporting that this is actually a real thing.

The good news is that they aren’t being looked at as a potential casting option for Star-Lord. Chances are they would be considered for either Groot or Rocket Racoon.

Jim Carrey AND Adam Sandler just don’t fit in the marvel universe. I’m waiting to see how Carrey does in Kick ass, but I don’t think he can ever fully redeem himself for his piss poor job as The Riddler.

Sandler needs a hit right now and Marvel films have been known to give stars a great chance at a second life. I just don’t want to hear one of his voices coming out of a living tree or an angry, gun-toting raccoon.

Personally, I’m not loving the idea of having Groot or Rocket in the movie at all. I think that they will make the team that much harder to connect to. At least with Ruffalo’s hulk in The Avengers, you had a chance to bond to Banner before he hulked out.

source: Latino_review