Lionsgate has just released the first TV spot for the upcoming Punisher: War Zone movie. On a slightly sad note for fans… it is really boring. Out of Africa had a more interesting trailer than this. If this is any indication of the movie that we’ll be seeing in December, they may as well send it straight to DVD.

One thought on “New Punisher War Zone TV Spot Released”

  1. Wow your right this TRAILER is very boring

    if you decided you look into it further instead of just dismissing this as crap you would see that it looks so boring because all of the good stuff has to be cut out

    your going to tell me that this ^ trailer looks bad and boring? maybe if a REAL punisher movie is boring

    get over jane, its time to move on

  2. Even though I’ll more than likely watch and own this movie, I know for a fact that this movie will suck. Maybe it won’t be Ghost Rider bad or Man-Thing bad which did get released straight to DVD, but it will no doubt be bad. Maybe not gawd-awful, but yes it will bad with a pinch of suckiness.

    Like this post indicates, the crappy tv spot isn’t helping its cause much. Thanks for posting the red band trailer andyswmr.

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