Sony Pictures announced that they will release the 3D feature film adaptation of Patrick Jean’s awesome viral video “Pixels” on May 17th 2013.

We first showed you Jean’s amazing video back in April which told the story of New York City being invaded by classic 1980’s video game arcade characters. The film was originally described as a Ghostbusters-style action comedy where classic video game characters invade the real world and wreak havoc.

No word on whether actual licensed classic 8-bit characters like Space Invaders and Donkey Kong, will make an appearance. But we’re betting on a go on that one.

Adam Sandler production company Happy Madison will produce, with “Saturday Night Live” alumni Tim Herlihy set to write. Jean, who directed the original is set to direct.

There’s nothing about this movie that isn’t awesome. Unless somehow it stars Justin Bieber with a soundtrack by Rebbecca Black.

Source: Geektyrant