We’ve had very mixed feelings about a Powerpuff Girls live action sequel series since it was first announced several months ago. The only saving grace was having a name like Diablo Cody attached. However, it looks like she couldn’t get the project into shape enough for The CW to want to move ahead with it in its current form. So, while not officially cancelled, it’s been pulled off-cycle to be reworked, according to a new article from Variety.

So, what went wrong? If the script leaks that have been popping up online over the last 24 hours are to be trusted, it was just really poorly written and a bit too much of a change for such a classic brand. Now in their 20s, the PP Girls, played by Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault, are the snarky, jaded result of their father (Donald Faison) forcing them to be heroes and licensing their story to be made into a cartoon and toys as a child. In the snippets of the script that have been released (see below), they threaten to leak nudes of each other, they walk in on one of their sisters had just finished having sex, they talk about being triggered, and they allude to the possibility that their dad was actually the villain all along. That, and the dialogue just isn’t very good. In the end, this seems like a fun idea that someone had, but that never really came together on paper. Oddly enough, it almost feels like it could have come out of the old ADHD animation skit that combined Powerpuff Girls with the HBO series Girls.