Forget about ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’, Common Thread films just released the red band trailer for a movie that looks like it would kick Konest Abe’s ass up and down the sidewalk. ‘FDR American Badass!’ tells the secret history of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. After contracting polio from the bite of a Nazi Werewolf, he sets off on a crusade to take down a star studded cast of historic, secretly lycan evil-doers.
Here are some of the highlights from the cast.

Barry Bostwick … Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Ray Wise … Douglas MacArthur
Kevin Sorbo … Abraham Lincoln
Paul Ben-Victor … Mussolini

This might seem kind of ridiculous to say, but I’m already a lot more excited about the FDR movie than I am about the Lincoln one.

Source: Blameitonthevoices

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