Peabody and Sherman? If it sounds familiar, think back to your fractured fairy tales. They are the dog and boy team who travel back in time in their WABAC machine so that the dimwitted Sherman can learn about great moments in history.

Among the announcements of sequels and new projects from Dreamworks is news that none other than Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr will be voicing the hyper intelligent Hound, Mr. Peabody.

The film was scripted by Jeffrey Ventimilia (The Simpsons… That’s good to hear)and Joshua Sternin (Yogi Bear… Aww crap.) Well, that gives us a 50/50 shot.

Sources say there should be a pic of the CHI characters available sometime in the next few days.

Here’s a classic episode of Mr. Peabody and Sherman in all of its politically correct glory