I like Ronda Rousey, but don’t they have anything original to put her in? I get it, taking an old movie with a cult following and doing a gender swapped remake is hot right now, but why?

MGM has decided that it’s finally time to take Patrick Swayze’s Roadhouse out for another turn, but in either an attempt to be culturally relevant or just grab some headlines, they’ve opted to reboot the film with a gender swap and Rousey will be playing the lead role.

This is looking like a pretty busy season for Rousey, who has catapulted to the next level of stardom and is currently being considered for several roles including Marvel’s Captain Marvel film.

Now, the question is how will they proceed. Will we see the same, relatively serious film that the original was known to be or will it be retooled like so many reboots as a comedy?

Source: Collider