There’s a big difference between a good movie and a franchise that just makes enough money to keep chugging along. I’d put Michael Bay’s Transformers in the latter category.

Production for the fifth film in the saga is getting ready to begin, and Michael Bay will most likely direct it (even though he’s saying he won’t).Now, we’ve got some new details on the story, thanks to voice actor Mark Ryan’s (Jetfire, Lockdown) recent appearance at a UK convention.

During his chat, he told fans that Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager will return, along with the Dinobots, Optimus and a few others to take on a big new threat that’s heading for earth. To help them beat the big evil, Optimus takes to the outer reaches of space to find the creators of the transformers, the Quintessons. This will then lead to some sort of meeting or confrontation between Optimus and Unicron.

Reportedly, this will also open the door to some planned spin-offs. Woo.

Source: CBM