Cosmicbooknews is reporting that the ink is on the paper and Bryan Cranston has signed on to a multi-film deal with Warner Bros to play Lex Luthor in the DC film universe.

According to the report, Cranston has currently signed on to “appear” in a minimum of six films, but possibly as many as ten.

Additionally, DC will be holding off an official announcement until the ending of Breaking Bad, in hopes of generating extra buzz off the ending of the critically acclaimed series.

I want to make sure I say this again, this is a rumor. It seems to have an awful lot of information for it to be true (in my opinion). With that said, there was even more information in the report.

– Allegedly, Ben Affleck has actually signed on for a 13-appearance deal as Batman because DC is trying to “out continuity” the Marvel film universe.

– Mark Strong, who was considered a favorite for the Lex Luthor role, may not have gotten it because he was Sinestro and may be called on to play the role again.

– Where Ben Affleck Goes, Matt Damon isn’t far behind. The report also says that WB is very interested in the Bourne series star for the roles of either Aquaman or Martian Manhunter.

Source: Cosmicbooknews