Because being Superman’s dad, Javert from Les Miserables and The Bible’s Noah isn’t enough, Russel Crowe is now in talks to play a vampire hunter. The film in question is the film adaptation of Jaume Collet-Serra’s Dracula re-imagining, Harker.

In this version of the story, Jonathan Harker is a detective for Scotland Yard that is working on solving a series of murders… that end up being the victims of Dracula.

The real challenge in making this happen seems to be Crowe’s day planner. He’s working on Les Miserables now and then he’ll probably pop onto Darren Aronofsky’s Noah… That is, if Noah can get the funding to actually make its way behind a camera.

If it can’t then then Crowe will shift from wooden boats to wooden stakes. Perhaps they can just create a combination and make everyone happy. “Noah, Vampire Hunter: He went off into the wilderness and slayed two of every kind!”

Source: Collider