Total Recall is a reboot, so it only makes sense that they come to Comic Con two years in a row. Last year was sort of a joke. They didn’t really have anything to say about it… let alone anything to show. They had just started production. Now, the movie is in the can and we are already getting clips posted online. Other than some awesome celebrity candy in the form of Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, and Bryan Cranston, what was there to offer?

Well, fans were treated to a five or six minute set of clips from the films. that included footage from the trailer. We also get to see a bit more of the fight between Colin Farrell and his fakey wife, Kate Beckinsale. We also get to see how they deal with the whole thingy up the nose from the first film… its a phone now, and it is in his arm. He still has to remove it, but it isn’t nearly as fun as yanking it out of your own skull. Then there was some more stuff that just expanded on trailer footage and finally a scene of Ferrall and Biel fighting Beckinsale and her robot goons.

Then, on to the Q and A.

They talked about how they had to do a lot of training with boxing and eat a lot of lean proteins to get in shape.

DIrector Len Weisman talked about how he had always wanted to create a future world since he was a kid. When asked about his inspiration, he said that there were just too many to name.

Then the audience got to start asking stuff:

– One person asked Colin Ferrall what it is like playing a character who doesn’t know who he really is. Ferrall responded by telling them that it isn’t a problem because he spent most of his life the same way.

-Beckinsale was asked about comparisons with Sharon Stone’s portrayal of the same character in the original film. She said that she definitely is in there, but the tone is a lot different so that there is not much of a similarity.

– Cranston mentioned that while a lot of people get injured in action films, he actually got pink eye.

– All the actors said that they had reservations about doing the remake, but the director, Len Wiesman was able to “cast a spell” on them and convince each of them one way or another.