In what seemed to be the most casual announcement of the whole Hall H panel for Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige said something that blew the entire MCU wide open with a tremendous number of characters and story possibilities.

That’s right, we’re talking about all those characters that FOX never quite figured out how to handle (other than in X: Men First Class, Logan, and The Deadpool movies). Along with Eternals, Blade, and sequels for Doctor Strange and Thor, Feige said that The Fantastic Four and ‘Mutants’ would be getting introduced to audiences over the course of those films.

We don’t know if this means cameos, mentions, or films of their own, just that the characters fans have always wanted to see in the MCU are finally coming back home where they belong.

There was not even a hint at casting for any of the characters, but don’t be surprised if we get our first announcement at D23 later this summer. After all, you didn’t expect them to give up all the information today, did you?