Hollywood life caught up with “Smallville” star Tom Welling last night at Jerry Weintraub’s “When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead,” new book launch party and was informed that “Smallville” is definitely ending next season.

“Season 10 of Smallville will be the last season,” says Welling who plays Clark Kent on The CW show. This is expected as The CW have been planning to kill off the show for quite some time, a move made retroactive when the show was moved to Friday night (aka dead air night).

Fans of the show have been keeping its rating at an adequate level. Those who stuck with the show and watched it last week caught a glimpse of Welling foreshadowing his destiny as The Man Of Steel.

Hopefully now with the cat out of the bag about next season being its last, writers will arc out a spectacular final season and give loyal fans what they want and deserve — which is Superman.

Even if it’s for just a few frames in the final episode. I don’t think fans are really asking for anything more than that.

Source: Hollywoodlife