THR is reporting that the upcoming Spider-Man Musical (no, that isn’t a joke), “Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark,” is going to hit the stage with a cast that might even rival the films. The newest announcements of celebrities joining up for the web slinging, singathon, are Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming.

Evan Rachel Wood will be taking on the role of Mary Jane Watson and Alan Cumming will be playing Norman Osborne/ Green Goblin. This isn’t Wood’s first time singing. In fact, last year she was in the highly regarded “Across the Universe,” where she did a great job singing her way across the Beatles catalog.

Alan Cumming is also no stranger to singing and has extensive singing on the stage already. He he is singing a scene from Three penny Opera with none other than Cyndi Lauper.

They still have not named who will be playing the role of Peter Parker.