There’s been one word on the lips of Avengers fans this weekend: Leviathan! What is it? Is it in the movie? What role does it play?

The answer seems to be that it is probably a giant sea monster from Atlantis that will be used as a part of Loki’s army.

There’s plenty of hints to that effect.
-There’s a reference to Atlantis and Namor in Iron Man 2
– Namor is no longer owned by another film company, so he could be used in this movie continuum.
– Story wise, Namor is tied in closely to the Avengers. When The Hulk quits the team, the two of them team up and attack them.

There is however, this very important thing to consider. Joss Whedon used to write ‘The Astonishing X-Men’. In one of the issues where the team was in deep space, Cyclops and Emma Frost used the term ‘Leviathan’ as a red herring to throw the bad guys off and keep them guessing.

That sounds like a very Joss Whedon thing to do.

Finally, here is a footage of the (later to be added via CGI) Leviathan running amok through NYC:

Source: CBM