On August 5th, ‘Two and a Half Men’ will begin filming their first season without Charlie Sheen. For all those people who still have hope that Sheen will one day return to the show, news has come out today that pretty much takes that hope and throws it off the side of a cliff… literally.

Sources attached to the show have told TMZ today that Chuck Lorre is writing the demise of Charlie Sheen’s character into the first episode of the season. It is still not entirely sure how the deed will be done, but one of the ideas does include Charlie driving his car (much like his career) over a cliff to his doom.

This then opens the door to introduce Ashton Kutcher as the new owner of the house. How do the existing one and a half men fit in? I can only guess that they come along with the house, just like Betty White in ‘Hot in Cleavland.’

Source: TMZ